Letis Tattoo :: 6 BUTT CUSTOMIZABLE CHARC (A-Z) :: BoM

 -----> ONLY FOR BAKE ON MESH (BoM) <-----
This tattoo will only work on BoM skins on a BoM body - will not work with applier skins

With this system you can create a tattoo with a 6 letter name or word, each column contains 26 characters (A-Z)

You can create words of up to 6 letters.

Contains a heart design to decorate the names.

This only works with Bake on Mesh (BoM) bodies because this system allows you to put on many tattoos at the same time. You must select ADD to add tattoos to your mesh body.

156 Tattoo Layers for 6 letters (BoM)
6 Tattoo Layers of Hear (BoM)


How does it work?