Belleza with Omega Evolved

 With the female and male body of Belleza (Isis, Freya, Venus and Jake) and the installer of Omega for Belleza you can now use different tattoos on your arms. I explain how to do it, it's very simple:

1.- You need the Omega installer for Belleza, you can get it in the Marketplace or in our main store. The price is L$199.

Buy in the main store Letis Tattoo: Click Here
Buy in Marketplace: Click Here

2.- Now you must apply the installer:

Step One: Wear your Belleza Mesh.
Step Two: Attach the "Omega System Installer - Belleza"
Step Three: Click the installer, and verify each piece of the mesh thanks to you in local.

Your mesh will now respond to Omega Appliers

3.- Now her female body of Belleza can use different tattoos on her arms:

Inside the folder of your sleeve tattoo you will find the "Omega Evolved" applier. You can choose which arm to apply the tattoo on (left or right).

Apply tattoo on the left arm

Apply another tattoo on the right arm

This is all. You can make multiple combinations of your favorite tattoos. Now it's more realistic

Remember to have activated the "Tattoos" option in the Belleza HUD

More information: Omega System Kit for Belleza