Letis Tattoo Photo Contest!

June 15 begins the official anniversary of Letis Tattoo. 10 huge years in Second Life. We are kicking it off with a photo contest.

From the 15th to the 30th, please submit your best LETIS TATTOO photos on the official Flickr page and 3 top winners will be chosen to receive prizes.

1st- 5,000 Letis Gift Card & Cover Photo on Flickr page and featured on Letis website and in store
2nd - 2500 Letis Gift Card and featured on Facebook Cover
3rd- 500 Letis Gift Card

www.flickr.com Letis Tattoo Group

1. Photos must show Letis tattoo clearly
2. State your name and title of photo as LETIS TATTOO PHOTO CONTEST
3. You may submit as many enties as you liek as long as the two rules are clearly followed.
4. Letis management reserves the right to choose the winners.