Half dream come true: We already have a new fully customized mesh building.

It has been 8 months hard, everything began at the end of June 2016 and finally today 31 March 2017, coinciding in the year of the 10th anniversary opens to the public this great building.
We have wanted to make a comfortable place where you do not get lost inside a maze of endless walls. I think we have achieved it, you have vision to all surfaces practically from any point.

An area of 123x161 meters (19803 m2) in total is divided into several sections. Reception, Reception 2, Female tattoos upper and full b, Male tattoos upper and full body, Miscellany, special area for Aesthetic bodies and a room of 1782 m2 only for Signature (Male) and Slink (Male) bodies.

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Some photographs:


 Fantastic drawing of my friend Suvi Brei (


Reception 2

 Female Tattoos Room

Special room for Signature and Slink bodies

 Rest area

Thank you very much for everything and I hope you like it.