8 - Signature

 8.- Signature Bodies

1 -  When you applied the tattoo do you have the body similar to this or all black?

Well, this happens because you have applied the tattoo on the "BODY" layer in the blue menu and has replaced your skin with the tattoo, for this reason your skin has disappeared and the tattoo does not look good because it is in the wrong layer.

How to solve this?
First you must re-apply your skin. If you have purchased you must go to the folder of your skin and reapply. If you use the body skin you must reapply with the body HUD. Remember to apply the skin in the "BODY" layer

Now your body should have normal skin again and the black color has disappeared.

Now you can apply the tattoo, but remember. ALWAYS IN TATTOO LAYER

2 - Tattoo is not showed in your Body?
Enable Tattoos layers in the Gianni Body - HUD or Geralt Body - HUD