5.- Belleza

- Tattoo is not showed in your Body?
   Enable Tattoos layers in the HUD

 You must turn off clothing and underwear (as in this picture)

-  The tattoo appears very black and without grays. Similar to this image?

You must change the mask for a blender in the Hud of the body Belleza, as in this picture


 - The tattoo does not apply well using Omega Evolved

 If you use the Omega Evolved applier for tattoos that the arms have different drawings or an arm without a tattoo and it does not work well.

 Maybe you have to update the body of Belleza to the latest version. This works from version 2.0 in bodies male and 5.0 in bodies female.

Remember that you have to have the Omega installer installed in the body, you can get in Marketplace or in Letis Tattoo mainstore

- When you wear a tattoo with Omega Evolved on the male body does JAKE look similar to this?

 This only happens with male bodies using Omega Evolved (it is a small body error and has been reported to the creator) the solution is simple:

With the HUD of the body, click where the red arrow of the image is. Upper body or lower body.



 December 2018.

With version 5.2 the script problems seem to be fixed

 September 2018

 If you have this problem, contact Vixie Rayna (Belleza Manager) she will give you a temporary solution while we wait for a body update with this solved

August 2018

Version 5.1 of the female bodies of Belleza, Freya, Isis and Venus are reporting script errors. Also the body Jake has the same problem. This happens in a random way when applying some tattoos.

We have informed the creators of Belleza and they tell us that they are working to solve it.

We can not do anything, just wait for this to be fixed.